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Using the Internet to Promote Your Arts and Crafts Products

These days, the Information Superhighway or the internet is a huge platform that is used in different ways. People get in touch by means of the medium; they make their voice known through their websites and written articles. It is also a great medium to shop these days. The internet has turned into one of the essential platforms to gain money from and produce a steady source of income.

The internet is a great way to make your arts and crafts products visible to the world. In fact, it will expose your items to a worldwide audience. Exciting, isn’t it? Here are more reasons why the internet is the place to be for the merchants of today.

  1. By making your online presence known, it means you need to deal with plenty of internet users from all over the globe. Spend an ample amount of time building a formidable online presence, and your website might pull in thousands of visitors a day.
  2. If you want to market your products, using the internet will make the whole job easier for you. There are different platforms where you can promote and sell your products. Get an account on sites like eBay or Etsy—thus far, they are the most popular platforms for arts and crafts merchandise. If you want exposure for the products, it also pays to have social media accounts so you can easily promote them. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are well-known social media platforms that business people take advantage of.
  3. Using the internet means you can manage your store in the comfort of your own home or just about anywhere as long as you have a trusty internet connection.
  4. You can be your boss with the help of the internet. This also means you need to be on hand with every task required to run the business. The advantages of being your boss include not having to deal with office politics, daily commute, and workplace protocols. Furthermore, you are doing the activity you love and can gain profit from it. That in itself is the most important revelation of all.
  5. At times, your merchandise might not be selling because there is no demand for it, so promoting them online could be the key to your success. Places where there is a demand for your kind of art may be interested in purchasing your products out of need and want.
  6. The internet is not only used for selling physical items. It is also there to showcase your arts and crafts work. You can display your hobby in any way possible. You can take advantage of mediums like videos, eBooks and more. These advancements will make promoting your products simpler for you—you will not need to deal with the promotion through physical means since most of the important steps can be accomplished with just a few clicks.

No doubt about it, the internet is here to make business easier for individuals who want to earn a steady income. Now is the time to beef up your internet presence and take advantage of its tools.

Therefore, the conclusion is Internet not just even makes ideas in your head as a reality, but you can market almost anything with your hobby. In this case, guidance and references are important to make your dream come true.  



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Some Fun Creative Canvas Projects for Children

Kids can get bored during holiday breaks, long summers and rainy days. While those are nice enough times for both kids and adults to relax, children more often than not would like to do something fun as opposed to taking naps. Arts and crafts are a good way to relieve boredom during lazy days. Here are some great canvas art ideas that your kids can get into.

For this project, you will need a pre-stretched canvas. Get the size that is appropriate for your chosen project. All of the items needed for this project can be bought in craft stores.

 1. Scrapbook-style wall hanging

In this project, you need a bunch of old photographs. Let your kid choose the most interesting photos in your albums—you can create a theme whether it’s to commemorate a recent family vacation or whatever you and your kids fancy. Paint the canvas with an acrylic color that you prefer and allow the item to dry. You and your kid can embellish it with other items once the canvas dries—glitter, hearts, other ornaments that your wish wants to use. Your kids can also stamp or add stencils on it. Kids can hang their work after on their bedroom wall.

 2. Cartoon character collage

Kids are very much into cartoon characters, and at times they ask you to buy them magazines with their favorite characters on it. However, these magazines can turn into clutter eventually. This kind of project provides a neat way to get rid of excess clutter in the house while letting your kids save images of their beloved cartoon characters.

Paint the canvas with acrylic paint with your kid and allow the item to dry. While the canvas is drying, let your kid cut out pictures of his or her favorite cartoon characters. Paste the pictures on the canvas—you can overlap the images as your kid prefers. Accessorize it with stickers, glitter or tiny gems, be creative! Finish the project by applying decoupage glue on it to seal the pictures.  Kids can hang the finished product on their bedroom or playroom wall.

 3. Bas-relief painting

The ancient Romans and Greeks were the first individuals to create 3D images in the form of bas-relief or low relief painting. You can do this project with your kids as well. All you need to do is paint the canvas in your chosen color and paste lightweight 3D objects on it. Allow your kids to stretch their imagination—they can produce a solar system on it or the night sky.

For a solar system bas-relief painting, start by painting the canvas in differing blue hues. Let the canvas dry. Get some foam balls in different sizes and cut them in half. Let your kids paint the balls to resemble the moon, the sun, and various planets. As soon as the foam balls are dry, paste them on the canvas. Now your kid has a neat 3D solar system painting on his wall.

 4. Standard painting

The easiest way to take advantage of a preset canvas is pretty simple—paint on it. Allow your child to paint whatever he or she likes. They can use their fingers for abstract themes or brushes for more detail.

These are just some of the usual concepts that you and your kids can try out. You too can produce your own, just allow yourself to become more adventurous with your ideas.      



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Save Craft Money by Determining Your Arts and Crafts Style

If you love doing arts and crafts but want to save money, it is crucial for crafters to allow a set amount of money for such projects. Crafting supplies can be costly however if you become aware of your style, you will be able to handle the financial aspect of your projects better.

Are you into Art of Craft?

Lots of individuals who are into crafts deem that what they do is a legitimate form of art. There are also people who make art who refer to it as their craft. On the one hand, a piece is deemed as a craft whenever there is a criteria or a set of standards to keep track of. When other individuals follow such standards, they often produce works that all look the same. On the other hand, art is more unique—for instance, if you give artisans some polymer clay to play with, they will produce pieces that look different from each other.

While the above might not assist you in terms of where you put your finances for the project, it will help you zero in on the kind of style you will be most comfortable doing. Furthermore, you may like doing both, and there is nothing bad about that.

Are you satisfied doing just one style or prefer to create a lot of styles?

Some artisans/crafters prefer to do just one style of crafting or art. These can be paintings, drawings, quilting or cross-stitching. Majority of individuals who are ingenious have lots of outlets where they take in the pleasure of creation. If you only want to focus on one style, then it is pretty simple for you to micro-manage your finances for projects.

However, if you want to do several things, then you have to become more aware of the amount of money you are spending. If you want to save money, you can just tackle that one project or two that you like doing the most. If you’re going to tackle two, then your finances need to be divided to allow more for the project that you love doing the most. You can distribute a segment of your crafting expenses to projects that you only tackle whenever you find affordable supplies for it.

Consider the cost of arts and crafts supplies

In case you do not have a bigger budget for your arts and crafts projects then you might have to select a creative outlet depending on the amount of cash you are willing to spend on your work. If you do not have enough money to buy a sewing machine for quilts, then maybe pillows are a better alternative. There are other means where you do not have to sacrifice your creative outlet—it only means you need to pick the right project.

Selling your arts and crafts pieces

Maybe you want to make crafting into a steady source of income. However, this will entail a bigger budget on your part since you will be required to produce a more significant amount of work. To sell your merchandise, you also need to allot money for putting up a booth in arts and crafts fairs. This is the reason why you need to know your style so you will have an idea of places where you can sell your merchandise. You cannot sell a quilt in an art gallery or a contemporary artwork in an arts and crafts fair.

If you want to check if there is a market for the kind of work you do, then you have to start small in the beginning. You can try out sites like eBay and Etsy. They are great platforms for selling independently produced products. You can make 1-2 items at first to check whether they are going to sell then proceed to make more in case there is a demand for it.   


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How to Save Money for Arts and Crafts Projects

If you want to look for supplies to use on your arts and crafts projects, arts and crafts stores are the places to go. However, it would help artisans and crafters immensely if they know when and how to shop for their supplies. They can even save money by having other options.

Tips on Saving for Arts and Crafts Money

Here are some of the steps you can do if you want to cut back on project-related expenses.

1. Buy items during the end of season sales

If you want to save money on arts and crafts supplies, you have to purchase items year round. Many arts and crafts stores put good discounts on their Christmas items during the end of the holiday season. This is a good time to select scrapbook supplies, stickers, and even holiday fabrics. You can also wait for the Fourth of July sale to stock up on blue, red and white supplies and Halloween for pumpkins and other Halloween related supplies.

The shift in every season often means there will be great sales right after since new product lines will be launched and sold. In the summer, you can look for supplies like flower motifs and a good selection of pastel-colored crafts items. Year-round buys also makes it simpler for crafters and artisans to create their projects since they will have the items they need on hand.

2. Shop clearance sales

You can go for items being sold in clearance aisles. One of the most expensive crafts items is yarn, but if you chance upon the item in the clearance bin, you should stock up on bigger amounts of it. Chain stores like Wal-Mart feature clearance aisles—you should check it always and see if you can find crafts products on it with significantly reduced prices.

Also, it pays if you view items and their versatility. For example, those discounted fabric placemats with their great designs can be used as pieces for scrapbooks or quilts. Ribbons meant for the hair can be used as scrapbook items as well.

3. Register for arts and crafts stores mailers

Lots of arts and crafts stores feature mailers that they often send away. This is one good method to discover sales and acquire coupons that you can use for supplies. There are also chances these stores will provide recipients with sales and coupons only for those who have registered for the mailer.

4. Look for items on all stores

You do not have to buy all of your supplies on arts and crafts stores exclusively. Sometimes you can get the best items in other types of stores. If you want fabric, you can hit up a thrift store. Thrift shops sell cheap clothing that crafters can cut up for their projects. At times, thrift shops also sell blankets, sheets and other bigger swathes of fabric that can be used for crafting. This is a nice way to get fabric without spending too much.

If you want to look for cheaper craft supplies, you can also get them in auctions and garage sales. Auctions are a great place to score for distinctive items while you may stumble upon expensive arts and crafts supplies on garage sales at significantly reduced prices.

Look at stores with an open mind, and you might chance upon unique supplies at half the price.    


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How to Make Arts and Crafts a More Gainful Project

Arts and crafts are activities where we can get to show our creativity. While this is a great means to express ourselves, the output we yield can also become an excellent source of income. People can make a profit from their work by being aware of which crafts sell the most. Here are some of the things you need to do in case you want to turn arts and crafts into a steady source of income.

 1. Create distinctive pieces

In majority of crafts fairs, you will notice that there are lots of handmade accessories and jewelry being sold. There is nothing bad if you like making such items however it is more feasible and profitable if you make items of your own and make them more unique. Create pieces that will stand out from the rest. The goal here is to produce sales and earn money from your work.

In case you want to produce handmade accessories and jewelry, think of new designs that are innovative and fresh. You can get ideas from accessories of old, ornate fabrics, paintings, nature, you can get inspiration everywhere. Make it all yours and distinctive and people will be checking—and buying your merchandise instead of those cookie cutter items.

2. Produce giftable items

When we are looking for gifts for friends, family, and loved ones, we try to find unique, special items. This is the reason why a lot of people flock crafts fairs because they are on the hunt for exceptional pieces to give as gifts. The best-selling items are always merchandise that is not essentially sizable and expensive. They can be small and affordable but has great quality. These items can range from housewares, handmade stationery and vice versa.

If you want your customer service more appealing to customers, you can provide neat extras like a free gift-wrapping service. You can also offer gift baskets with a sample of your goods. Furthermore, a lot of people are into organic bath and body products, and they usually buy them as gifts, so if you are so inclined, you can focus on those types of products. You can also turn to stationery, accessories, and quilts, which are great gift items.

 3. Become more business-savvy

If you want to earn from arts and crafts, you need to consider your capabilities. It will also help you a lot if you first establish why you think putting up a craft business is best for you. Consider the types of crafts that you love to do specifically and projects that you want to learn. Allot an amount of finances that you can afford to use for the initial expenses of the venture. Keep in mind that you also need to keep track of accounting and record keeping if you want to get into the business side of crafting.

 4. Make use of business strategies

It is also best if you try to make use of business strategies for your venture. If you are into making soaps, maybe you can search for another individual who produces organic oil perfumes. You can suggest a partnership with the individual so both of you can provide products like soap and oil perfume sets with the same scents.


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