At, we want to bring the therapeutic power of arts and crafts to the world. We live in a busy, modern world where many of us lose touch with the playfulness and fun of being a child, and we lose touch with our creativity. At, we think that both adults and children can benefit from getting into what psychologists are calling “flow state” by engaging in arts and crafts activities on a regular basis. Not only are there stress-relieving and creativity increasing benefits to arts and crafts, but arts and crafts projects are also a powerful way for parents and children to bond with each other, and a great way to foster a child’s creativity and future artistic endeavors.

arts and crafts colored pencils

Adults in general, even those who are not parents, can benefit greatly from arts and crafts. Lately there has been a trend of adult coloring books after it was discovered that simple coloring has a great effect on the well-being of adults and children, leading to stress-relief and flow state. Those who suffer from depression and anxiety can also benefit.

At, we provide you with resources to get started on arts and crafts projects. We’ll tell you some of our favorite arts and crafts projects, from beginner to intermediate to advance levels, and give you the exact process to complete the project, including pictures and sometimes video tutorials.

We’ll also refer you to some helpful YouTube channels and blogs focusing on arts and crafts, so you can get inspiration and maybe even think of some of your own ideas for arts and crafts projects. We highly encourage you to check out one of our favorite channels, 5-Minute Crafts.

Additionally, we provide links to websites where you can buy the materials you’ll need, and we give estimates on how much a given project will cost in terms of purchasing materials, as well as the estimated length of time the project will require.

We hope you will enjoy the content we can provide and bring a lot of joy into your life, whether that means bonding more with your kids, or getting relief from anxiety and racing thoughts.

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