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Some Fun Creative Canvas Projects for Children

Kids can get bored during holiday breaks, long summers and rainy days. While those are nice enough times for both kids and adults to relax, children more often than not would like to do something fun as opposed to taking naps. Arts and crafts are a good way to relieve boredom during lazy days. Here are some great canvas art ideas that your kids can get into.

For this project, you will need a pre-stretched canvas. Get the size that is appropriate for your chosen project. All of the items needed for this project can be bought in craft stores.

 1. Scrapbook-style wall hanging

In this project, you need a bunch of old photographs. Let your kid choose the most interesting photos in your albums—you can create a theme whether it’s to commemorate a recent family vacation or whatever you and your kids fancy. Paint the canvas with an acrylic color that you prefer and allow the item to dry. You and your kid can embellish it with other items once the canvas dries—glitter, hearts, other ornaments that your wish wants to use. Your kids can also stamp or add stencils on it. Kids can hang their work after on their bedroom wall.

 2. Cartoon character collage

Kids are very much into cartoon characters, and at times they ask you to buy them magazines with their favorite characters on it. However, these magazines can turn into clutter eventually. This kind of project provides a neat way to get rid of excess clutter in the house while letting your kids save images of their beloved cartoon characters.

Paint the canvas with acrylic paint with your kid and allow the item to dry. While the canvas is drying, let your kid cut out pictures of his or her favorite cartoon characters. Paste the pictures on the canvas—you can overlap the images as your kid prefers. Accessorize it with stickers, glitter or tiny gems, be creative! Finish the project by applying decoupage glue on it to seal the pictures.  Kids can hang the finished product on their bedroom or playroom wall.

 3. Bas-relief painting

The ancient Romans and Greeks were the first individuals to create 3D images in the form of bas-relief or low relief painting. You can do this project with your kids as well. All you need to do is paint the canvas in your chosen color and paste lightweight 3D objects on it. Allow your kids to stretch their imagination—they can produce a solar system on it or the night sky.

For a solar system bas-relief painting, start by painting the canvas in differing blue hues. Let the canvas dry. Get some foam balls in different sizes and cut them in half. Let your kids paint the balls to resemble the moon, the sun, and various planets. As soon as the foam balls are dry, paste them on the canvas. Now your kid has a neat 3D solar system painting on his wall.

 4. Standard painting

The easiest way to take advantage of a preset canvas is pretty simple—paint on it. Allow your child to paint whatever he or she likes. They can use their fingers for abstract themes or brushes for more detail.

These are just some of the usual concepts that you and your kids can try out. You too can produce your own, just allow yourself to become more adventurous with your ideas.      



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Simple and Fun Arts and Crafts Activities That Kids Can Do

Children are very much into arts and crafts. They do well when it comes to allowing their imagination to run wild. Any chances to improve their art and crafting abilities will make them participate. Arts and crafts are a great way to have a productive day—it lets kids enrich their imagination in a fun and entertaining manner. It is also a great way to bond with your children on weekends. It will keep them busy for hours during holiday vacations, weekends, summers and rainy days.

Here are some easy arts and crafts activities that you and your kids can get into:

  • Pasta art

Pasta is delicious, and it can also be used as a neat art and crafts item. What you need for this activity are several sheets of construction paper in different colors, a box of dry macaroni and glue. You and your kid can make use of varying pasta shapes like penne and farfalle to make art pieces that are exciting and interesting. Children will love playing around with the pasta shapes.

  • Finger painting

This is another easy activity for your children. Painting is an excellent way for kids to express themselves and with finger painting, they can also practice their dexterity as they use their fingers to glide and dip them all over the paper. Just put old newspapers on the floor and make them wear old clothing to avoid messes and plenty of cleanups.

  • Woodcrafts

Woodcrafts might seem like a challenge for kids however it is not as complex as it sounds. You and your kid can create wood magnets. First, you need to buy unfinished wood shapes, magnet strips or glue gun for common magnets and paint. Let your kids paint the wooden shapes or toys then allow the pieces to dry thoroughly.

They can add other items on the shapes like glitter or beads after the paint dries. Adults can attach the magnets with glue (if using standard magnets) and the work is done. You can pin the wood magnets on the fridge so your kids can enjoy looking at their hard work.

  • Making puppets

There are various ways to make puppets, and the easiest way to make is the sock kind. For sock puppets, you need a bit of glue, felt and old socks. You can get other items for the sock puppets around the house. There are also marionette-making kits available in toy stores that you can purchase for your kids if you have the budget.

  • Wooden frames

Majority of wooden frames are already set up in unfinished wood; you just need to add your choice embellishments on it, which is the fun part anyway. You and your kids can paint and add neat items on it. You can fasten wood balls, small toy wheels on the edges for an interesting piece. Kids can also add paint and glitter to the frames.

Crafting with your kids need not be an expensive activity. The activities mentioned above are affordable and entertaining. You only need basic supplies plus easy steps. Arts and crafts is a great way to bond with your family and a neat method to raise super creative kids.     


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