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Excellent Arts and Crafts Fairs All Over America

Arts and crafts mean creativity in the production of things. The item can be traditional, meaning the knowledge of the process is something that is handed down from one generation to the next. It can be a popular form of handmade craft, or it can be a piece that is made for the sheer love of the activity.

There is a massive appreciation for arts and crafts these days. Many enthusiasts are aware of the hard work that artisans and crafters allot on their pieces. Because of this appreciation for the activity, various arts and crafts fairs are held across the country every year. Here are some of the most popular arts and crafts fairs happening in the US.

  • Sea grove Pottery Festival (North Carolina)

This festival is a constant favorite among pottery enthusiasts and collectors. It is held once a year, and it gathers plenty of potters from all over the country. Many potters from the area display and sell their wares at this festival. The event also features an auction, food vendors, and exhibition.

  • League of New Hampshire Craftsmen’s Fair (New Hampshire)

Tagged as one of the oldest and most exclusive arts and crafts fair in the US, this is a prestigious gathering attended by loyal enthusiasts and practitioners. The fair goes on for nine days, and it highlights both traditional and contemporary works. Participants can look at over 200 craft booths. There are also workshops conducted for children and adults.

  • Annual Craft Expo (Connecticut)

The event garners over 14,000 collectors, enthusiasts, and artisans from all over the country. It is also one of the oldest craft shows in the US. Crafters display their works for the most excellent quality, and there is a panel of professionals to pass judgment on the talent. Activities range from silent auctions, crafting events for kids, food courts and more.

  • Vermont Fine Furniture & Woodworking Festival (Vermont)

The event showcases artisans from the state and their wonderful works of art. This event also aims to preserve traditional abilities and crafting. You will find plenty of beautiful and ornate wood products made by locals with the highest quality. Talent is required if you want to produce masterful wood-based works of art.

  • Amish Acres Arts & Crafts Festival (Indiana)

The event features over 350 artisans and crafters across the US. It is ranked 7th in the Best Classic and Modern Craft Show in the country.

  • Grand Cities Art Fest (North Dakota)

This festival garners hundreds of vendors, crafters, and artisans displaying their merchandise and excellent pieces along the place’s renowned Red River. Participants and visitors can enjoy a good lot of products on display, live music, and other activities.

  • Canton Flea Market (Mississippi)

Jewelry and accessory enthusiasts will have a ball choosing over thousands of handmade accessories, jewelry, ceramics and other beautiful and distinctive crafts from talented individuals.

Listed above are some of the events and festivals you can visit if you are serious about arts and crafts. They are the places to go if you want your pieces shown or sold, or you just want to check out the trends and traditional practices in arts and crafts in every state.


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Arts and Crafts Tips for Kids: Things to Remember Before Starting a Project

If you want to hone your children’s creative mindset, then arts and crafts are an excellent method for them to explore their ingeniousness. It not only hones minds, but it is also a great way to bond with them. There are various kinds of arts and crafts activities that children and adults can get into which caters to different tastes and preferences. They are mostly fun and entertaining as well.

Apart from the entertainment part of the activity, you have to take note that this kind of pursuit is also an educational one. Doing arts and crafts projects has been proven to build up lots of factors on a child’s brain learning, reasoning, and thinking components. This activity can also help enhance their assessing capacities not only their creativity. This is an interesting and beneficial way to make your kids productive during holiday breaks, summers and rainy days.

Arts and crafts projects are fun however it can be a bit messy if the play area is not organized enough. Adults need to garner a few tips on how to arrange a playroom that is arts and craft-friendly to make the activity fun and straightforward for kids. Here are some tips on how to prepare for the projects.

  1. Settle for a craft project that your kid wants to do. Create a list of the items needed for the project. In case you do not have the supplies on hand, you will have to purchase them first.
  2. Remember to have some extras on and in case the project gets ruined by accident. That way, the project will keep going, and your kid can finish and enjoy his handiwork later.
  3. Make sure to check if the supplies are made of non-toxic materials. Inspect whether the paints, markers, and glues are safe for children to use.
  4. Make use of plastic cloth or old newspapers on the table where the activity will come about.
  5. Guarantee that you have all the items on hand and position them on the table before letting your kids proceed with their project.
  6. In case of messes and spills, which can happen, make sure to have paper towels or rags on hand.
  7. Make your children wear old clothing that they will not mind messing up in case it gets stained with paint or glue.
  8. Explain to your kids how to perform the project but let them do it anyway in the manner they prefer and are comfortable with. Do not persist on seeing perfect projects because the general fun mood will get ruined. Arts and crafts are supposed to be fun and entertaining as mentioned earlier.
  9. Have fun with your kids and do not let those paint and glue stains upset you. Just bask at the moment and allow them to unleash their creativity. Take pictures of the activity too.

If you’re looking for some great ideas for arts and crafts projects to do with your kids, you can check out YouTube for literally thousands of these kinds of videos. One great channel is called 5-Minute Crafts. Here’s a video they did on 25 Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids.

To buy your supplies, is a great resource. You can check out their Best Sellers in Arts and Crafts section or just search for whatever you need.

With some preparation done, arts and crafts projects will be made more fun and simple. Who knows, next time you are more than ready to allow some of your friends and their kids to participate in such activities too.   


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